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This week's workout begins with a giant-set warmup involving partner tubing movements.  On your own, you can use the tubing (attached to a fixed object) or perform the movements using a medicine ball or dumbbell.
Upon completion of the warmup segment you will perform a sequence of dumbbell movements which we'll call the "Matrix."  This series of exercises is a way of functionally-training the entire body, as it incorporates different movements in all three planes of motion. 
The Matrix is paired with the Stability Ball "Triple Threat."  Upon completion of one set of Matrix movements, perform a set of the Triple Threat.  The Triple Threat involves three supine hip extension exercises and will fry your hams and glutes!
Finish the workout with a tri-set for the core and glutes, starting with SB Name Planks, followed by SB Crunches to left/middle/right/middle, and finish up with Tube Walking.
WARMUP:  1 set each, performed as a giant-set; 15-20 reps each
a.  Y Squat
b.  Tubing Woodchop
c.  Overhead Walking Lunge
d.  Tubing Diagonal Woodchop
e.  SB Bridge
f.  Tubing Rotation
MATRIX:  6 reps each movement (3 reps per side) with 8 lb DB's
a.  Alternating Overhead Press
b.  Alternating Y Press
c.  Alternating Rotational Cross-Punches
d.  Alternating Curls
e.  Alternating Upright Rows

f.  Alternating Cross-Uppercuts

g.  Alternating Front Reaching Lunge

h.  Alternating Side Reaching Lunge

i.  Alternating Rotational Reaching Lunge

j.  Alternating Front Lunge to Press

k.  Alternating Side Lunge to Press

l.  Alternating Rotational Lunge to Press

TRIPLE THREAT:  10 reps each, performed back to back
a.  Bent Knee Hip Extension
b.  Leg Curls
c.  Straight Leg Hip Extension
a.  SB Name Plank - "write" your name as many times as you can
b.  SB Crunch to L/M/R/M - up and hold for 2
c.  Tube Walking - 12-15 each direction