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Here is an idea which you may find to be a helpful motivational tool. For lack of a better "catch phrase" at the moment, i'll refer to it as the "Fiscal Fitness Strategy." I have used this in the past, and had actually forgotten about it for a while until last night when I was training a client up at the gym. The approach is similar to "saving pennies for a rainy day."

Take a jar - any will do. This is going to be your "fun money" to be used as a reward for your hard work! Use it to buy new workout clothes, or shoes, or treat yourself to a nice dinner with your spouse or friends (if you've been doing really well with your nutrition). At the end of each week, tally up the minutes you've spent exercising (from records kept in your food/workout log) and put a penny in the jar for each minute! Try it this week and see what the total is...$2.00? $2.50? $3.00? Set a goal for each week that is reasonable and conducive to the results you are seeking.

Let me know what you think! :)