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This week, you will be performing a dynamic warm-up prior to the workout. Although this is a warm-up, you will quickly notice that it gets your heart rate going, your muscles firing, and the sweat drippin'! In the fitness world, a dynamic warm-up is often times also referred to as "movement prep." It has been found that warming up in this fashion is more beneficial than a "standard" warm-up (i.e. 5-10 min. cardio). This applies not only to elite athletes, but also to everyday exercisers.

The exercises are easy to do using the length of the aerobics room. As you may not always have access to the room, movement prep is optional prior to exercising on your own this week. You may replace it with 5-10 min of jogging or elliptical, although I would prefer that you perform either the original or modified warm-up.

I will outline both the original movement prep exercises we have done as a group, and an in-place movement prep routine that is a modified version of the original. Read what Mark Verstegen has to say about the benefits of Movement Prep exercises:

Following movement prep, you will complete two to three revolutions of three tri-sets. The format of each tri-set is: strength/balance movement, tubing movement, reactive (plyometric) movement. In the group workout you will have completed several core tubing movements utilizing a partner. I have provided substitutions for these exercises so that you may duplicate them on your own using a simple simple two-handled exercise band.


Group Movement Prep Routine:

1. High Knee Walk - 20 yds down and back

2. Power Skip - 20 yds down and back

3. Zombie Walks - 20 yds down and back

4. Butt Kickers - 20 yds down and back

5. Overhead Lunge Walk - 20 yds down

6. Drop Lunge Walk - 10 yds each directionOR

Modified In-Place Movement Prep Routine:

1. Jump Rope 30-45 sec (or 50-70 jumps)

2. Alternating Overhead Lunge x 10-15 ea leg

3. Jump Rope 30-45 sec

4. Alternating Drop Lunges x 10 ea leg

5. Jump Rope 30-45 sec

6. Single Leg Windmill x 10 ea leg


Tri-Set Revolution 1:

a. Forward Lunge Chop to Overhead Raise - 6-8 lbs (MB or DB) x 10-15 ea leg

b. Partner Tubing Rotations - 15 ea side

c. Squat Jumps - 10 ea

Tri-Set Revolution 2:

a. Lateral Step-up - 10-15 ea leg

b. Partner Diagonal Tubing Chop - 15 ea side

c. Power Step-up - 10 ea leg

Tri-Set Revolution 3:

a. SB Knee Tucks - 10-15

b. Partner Tubing Chop - 15

c. Box Jump - Frontal Plane - 8-10 ea side