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I want you to complete either last week's group dynamic warm-up or the modified dynamic warm-up exercises prior to beginning the workout. 
As you already know, the dynamic warm-up is a mini-workout and will get your heart pumpin' and muscles workin'!  As a group this week, we performed each drill for the length of the aerobics room and then jogged back, which is a little different than what we did last week:
Group Dynamic Warm-Up:
1.  High knee walk/jog back
2.  High knee skip/jog back
3.  Zombie walk/jog back
4.  Butt kickers/jog back
5.  Overhead lunge walk/jog back
6.  Drop lunges
If you have to warm-up using the treadmill or elliptical, complete at least five minutes and then follow with a set of overhead lunge walks and drop lunges to stretch out your legs.
Similar to last week, there are three tri-set Revolutions in the workout.  Each set lasts 45 seconds and you will move from one exercise to the next without resting.  Complete four go-rounds of the first tri-set before moving on to the second Revolution.  Complete four go-rounds of the second tri-set as well, then finish up with two to three go-rounds of Revolution #3.
Tri-Set Revolution #1:  45 sec each
a.  2-Cone Lateral Shuffle & Touch
b.  Single-Leg Cone Reach
c.  Stability Ball Plank + Movement (cirlces, side-to-side, up-down)
Tri-Set Revolution #2:  45 sec each
a.  Jumping Jacks
b.  "Sarah Special" - Staggered Bent-Over One Arm Row + Hip Hinge
c.  Cross-Body One Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Extension
Tri-Set Revolution #3:  45 sec each
a.  Jump Rope
b.  Alternating-Arm Dumbbell Chest Press on Stability Ball
c.  Side Plank with Rotational Crunch