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This week's group workout incorporates a few agility drills in addition to the strength training exercises.  I am providing alternate exercises for you to do during your individual workouts.  I am also providing alternate exercises for the partner tubing movements done in the group workout.
As in previous workouts, the group workout is comprised of 45 second segments.  The exercises are grouped into quad-set revolutions.  I want you to complete the first quad-set three times before moving on to the second.
Here's the rundown of the Week 5 Boot Camp group workout:
BOOT CAMP WARMUP: length of aerobics room
Jog/Shuffle R
Jog/Shuffle L
Jog/Carioca R
Jog/Carioca L
BOOT CAMP REVOLUTIONS: 45 sec each exercise; 3x ea revolution
1a.  Single-Leg Squat Touchdown - 5lb
1b.  Agility Ladder Sidestep
1c.  1-Arm Tubing Pull with Punchout
1d.  Agility Ladder Hi Knee Run
2a.  Overhead Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat - 9-12lb BodyBar
2b.  Z Pattern Cuts
2c.  1-Arm Tubing Press
2d.  Z Pattern Weave
Here's the rundown of the modified workout for y'all to do individually:
Your choice of any warmup routine we've done (refer back to previous week's workout pages for pics/descriptions)
Treadmill progression: 5 min
1 min. @ 3.8
1 min. @ 4.2
1 min. @ 5.0
1 min. @ 5.5
1 min. @ 6.0
Medicine Ball (or 8 lb DB) Tri-Set: perform twice, resting between each tri-set.
Woodchop x 10
Rotation x 10 ea. side
Lateral Lunge, Curl, & Press x 10 ea. side
Perform each revolution three times, resting only long enough to prepare for the next exercise, and to take a sip of water after a go-through!
1a.  Single-Leg Squat Touchdown
1b.  Free Motion Staggered 2-Arm Row
1c.  Frontal Plane Step-Up
1d.  Stability Ball Plank + Movements
2a.  Overhead Split Squat with Rear Foot Elevated
2b.  Free Motion Staggered 1-Arm Press
2c.  Sagittal Plane Step-Up
2d.  Stability Ball Lateral Roll