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Sandra Brown

July 2007

Thanks Sarah, I thoroughly enjoyed Boot Camp and will definitely sign up for it in September!

Adrienne Lopez

July 2007

I did have a blast during bootcamp! I am very sad that it had to end...and I have finally dropped a little weight. I also feel stronger. I could tell how much I progressed during those few weeks. Whereas, when I was lifting weights, I felt like I was never getting any better. Your workouts definitely live up to their name! I felt like I was in boot camp. ;) It was awesome! Thanks for everything! I hope your own training is going well! :)

Mary Catherine Kayser

June 2007

Hey Sarah- The boot camp class was great yesterday and I am really excited about the next four weeks. I am so glad that I am doing this because you know how summer can be; it will make me stick to an exercise schedule. I am not miserably sore but I definitely do feel it, especially in my upper body. I cannot wait to see what you put us through tomorrow!

Marianne Hood
May 2006
I have been training with Sarah for about one year. She is the fourth trainer i've had in the ten years since I began weight training. She provides the perfect combination of cardio, weight, and core training while catering to my specific problem areas. My core strength and balance have improved dramatically since I started working with Sarah. My husband has started training with her and I hope to have my sons work with her over the summer in preparation for football season. I highly recommend Sarah Rippel.
Marianne Hood
age 41

Niveen Ismail

May 2006


I wanted to thank you again for the great training sessions. I not only got a great workout but learned a lot about the core muscles and balance of course!!! I definitely have started to see results after 4 weeks and plan to continue on with the workouts. I have been going to the gym for such a long time and this is the first time in months that I have felt sore and a real difference in my body. Thanks again!!

Ruth Cohen

May 10, 2006

I have only been working with Sarah since the beginning of April and the results are beginning to show!! I remember the first day that Sarah came to my home; she greeted me with a smile and we began our work. She took her time, never rushing and always paid close attention to what I was saying. What a program she worked out for me and she even included a travel version! Once our session was over, it was the beginning of the emails, constantly wanting to know my progress and if I have any questions and always complimenting me on my progress and motivating me to continue. Sarah is easy to deal with and very easy to like and I am sure that is one of the reasons that I continue working with her. Thanks to Sarah I am in much better shape then I was two months ago.

Ashley Cambre

May 8, 2006

I have only been training with Sarah for several months but it has been a rewarding and not to mention fun experience. Sarah and myself have a lot in common, I have also battled an eating disorder since I was 13 and I have finally had the courage and help to overcome it. It helps to have someone your talking to to understand where exactly you are coming from. Not only has training with Sarah done that, she has also helped me with my confidence issues. I enjoy the hard work and the drive she has about her. It makes each session interesting as well as rewarding. I look forward to many more "torture sessions" to come!!!

Leslie Mock

April 27, 2006

Being in HR for one of Club Industry's Top 100 Health and Fitness Facilities, I strive to "live what we sell", but I struggle like everyone else with weight, nutrition and fitness. I try to workout daily and generally enjoy running and other cardio exercises. I also enjoy rock climbing, traveling to a special facility weekly to practice and taking outdoor trips whenever I am able to fit them into my schedule. I had never considered weight training or the benefits until I met Sarah. Her personality is what initially convinced me to train a session with her. Her results are why I continue to train with her. She is an extremely energetic, motivating and innovative trainer. My goal was (and still is) to improve muscles necessary for climbing and to enhance my core strength. As a result of some of Sarah's unique techniques, I now have more core strength and stabilization than many of the men with which I climb. My "climbing buddies" are all impressed. I would strongly recommend Sarah to anyone in any condition looking for a trainer. I would especially recommend Sarah to those looking to "spice up" their current routine or who are strongly in need of a powerful motivator with a positive attitude. I did, after all hire her to work at our company!

Paige Mabile

February 2006

Sarah... I am really, really psyched about the next 12 weeks. I know that in 12 weeks I can transform my body into a totally new and improved me. I did it, on my own, last year at this time... and I know with you on board that this year it will turn out much better. My utmost goal is to be fit and healthy inside and out. I can't say enough about your enthusiasm and positive approach to helping us reach our goals. I sat and read thoroughly through all of the information on Monday... right when I got home. I visited the grocery store, and loaded up on FUEL FOOD. Last year, I had gotten so good at listening to my body and eating to live, instead of living to eat. I've strayed away a little... but am ready to get back on board. I hope that I can adapt to maintaining it for a lifetime. My weak spots are mostly social. When it's just me, I can make great food choices. But... when I am with others I tend to conform instead of sticking to what makes my body feel good. I know that I am eating well when my body responds with energy and feeling great. I know that when I am tired and my stomach feels achy all the time that I am not eating well. The information that you gave us is PERFECT. My favorite part is the section that explains what combination of foods to eat at the right time of the day. I have been following that plan for a while... but again have slipped through the cracks...especially on eating in between those times when I am not hungry. by the way... my "booty" hurts in all the right places. I am just the right amount of soar... and it is already motivating me to keep on keeping on. On Monday.. I loved the circuit approach. Even though the stage exercise was tricky with my short legs, I know that it was perfect for my rear. Sarah... I can tell that you live for what you do and that your whole heart and soul is in it as well. I love the way that you take the time to explain everything in perfect detail and that you have spent so much of your personal time to make the program different and unique for each one of us. Next Monday can't come soon enough! Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Carol Aghayan

February 2006


I wore a dress last night to the Bachhus ball that I thought I would never fit into again. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I am now a believer in inner-core strength!

Panay Burland

April 2006

Everything was great! I like the exercises that could be done at home with weights, a ball and bands. That really helped me out! Keep those kinds of exercises please! It gives me a break from the gym and I will be able to do them when it is convenient for me...this summer. As I told you right is basically impossible to get any down time to workout on my own and at home. The life of a baseball mom!

Christie Fry

April 2006

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your boot camp and would definitely recommend it to others! Though I did not attend all of the sessions, I did see improvements and I learned a lot of different exercises that I can do on my own in the future. You were a really great trainer and If I were to get another one in the future you would be the first (and only) only my list to call!

Thanks for all of your hard work and motivation. You really have what it takes to be a effective personal trainer. Commitment to your clients and the ability to motivate your clients with an upbeat encouraging attitude! Hope to work with you again in the future. Guess I'll be seeing you around the gym!

Elizabeth McNulty
January 2006
Miss Louisiana Gulf Coast USA 2005
"When it comes to dedicated and effective personal trainers, Sarah is the best in my book! I would probably be considered a difficult client since exercising is not something I love to do, but Sarah makes it do-able for me with her great attitude and good company. Notable changes have occurred in my body since Sarah has been on the scene. She takes special interest in my health and well-being as well as my overall fitness. She motivates me to get the results I want and sparks my interest in striving to do better. Great job, Sarah, and many thanks for being a great friend as well! (Still don't like the mornings)"